For her cousin, please see "Ivka Koščević".
Ivkica Jakšić (née Koščević)
Religion Roman Catholicism?[1]

Ivkica Jakšić (née Koščević) (Koščevići, Sveti Matej, 29 September 1949 – ) is a resident of Kobiljak near Sesvete and a member of the Koščević and Jakšić families. She is also a chiefess of the one branch of Jakšić family.

Her father was Valent Koščević, son of Juraj Koščević I., Chief of the Koščević family in Sveti Matej. Ivkica was born there. Mother of Ivkica was Marica Koščević, daughter of Nikola Kovačić, Chief of the Kovačić family. Ivkica is the youngest child of her parents. Her elder sister is Đurđica Jelovečki, who also came to Kobiljak.

Ivkica married Josip Jakšić in 1969, when she was 19. The only child of Ivkica and Josip is Grozdana Križanić, whose children are:


Ivkicaʻs name is a form of the name Ivan. The name means "Yahweh is gracious".

  1. Although her religion is officially Roman Catholicism, Ivkica is more a deist.
Chiefess of the Jakšić family and Križanić family
Predecessor Agata Jakšić