Nikola Kovačić
Nikola Kovačić
Hair colour Black
Skin colour White
Religion Roman Catholicism

Nikola Kovačić (1881 – 1967) was a resident of Hrvatsko zagorje; a chief of the one branch of the House of Kovačić.


Nikola was a son of Stjepan Kovačić I. (1855 – 1930) and his wife Ana (1863 – 1932), and had at least one brother.

The first wife of Nikola’s was Magdica (1886 – 1913), who bore him at least two daughters; one of them was Marica.

After his first wife’s death, Nikola married Barica (1892 – 1926), who bore him more children.

However, after the death of Barica’s, he married a woman named Marica (1898 – 1957); she was his third consort and the mother of his son Petar.


Nikola was a tall and strong man, with black moustache.

His granddaughter Ivkica Jakšić often had a fear of him.

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Nikola’s children:


Nikola means "the victory of men/people" (Greek: Νικόλαος). The name comes from the name of the Greek goddess Nike and the word laos, "men".

The Chief of The House of Kovačić
Predecessor Stjepan Kovačić I.
Successor Stjepan Kovačić II. and Dragec Kovačić